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Sun Bean is not poisonous!

So awesome, a Cigar Box Guitar:  Picture 627 - 628

2018 is full of wonderful first time occurrences for me.  I have a new sister, born October 1, 2017.  I am ten years old this year.  My Grandma Debby has invested in Premium Memberships for us in Geo Cache.  We have travel bugs, coins, and are rapidly developing our own GeoCache boxes, so others can play with us.  Grandma Debby, found some at Harbor Freight, for a very reasonable price.  Our goal is to have 15 in place in Kansas, before the end of the year.  Grandma Debby has lots of rock specimens she is going to share with others in the cache box exchange.

My Mom has a new iphone, my Dad says it will put us within 13' of a Cache box.  That will make it a lot more easy for us.  My GeoCache username is "TristanW2007".  You can give me information about my travel bugs, or tell me your story.  Looking forward to sharing fun times with friends, & family.

 Sun Bean CEO, Big T, giving Dino Poop a smell test.
  A Think Tank Moment with my Toy.
Dinosaurs:  Picture 585  -  586  -  587  -  588  -  591  -  592
Dinosaur Bone Plaque made for me by my Grandma Debby, AKA Toy

What's Up?     Surprise:  2032  -  2034
       Idea Break Through                                              

I love to go to the Zoo.  These are animals I photographed
Monkey_1030T_LeapPad_1059, Gorilla_1080, Gorilla_1075, Gorilla_1077, Gorilla_1078, Gorilla_1081, Gorilla_Pole_1039,   Giraffe_1095,   Peacock_1113,  
Taking Alligator for walk:  Alligator_1473

Chasing Ducks in the park:  Ducks_1480
                            at Keeper of the Plains - 1477  -  1478  -  1479

******  Tristan Lego Empire  ******

Lego Game on X-Box:  Received game for Christmas 2014, this picture was taken November 1, 2015  -  98.6% Complete!   WaaHoo
                    I only get to play about 15 hours a week.  Mostly on Saturday & Sunday.
These are pictures of my building Emments Construct-O-Mech on the X-Box Lego Game:
101  -  102  -  103  -  104  -  105  -  106  -  107  -  108  - 109  -  110  -  111  -  112  -  113  -  114  -  115 
These realms are:    Bricksburg
                                                The Wild West
                                Cloud Cuckoo Land
                                The Octan-Tower
                                The Bonus Room
1)  Metal Beard is about the sea and Pirates.  Metal Beard is just a head inside a giant robot.  There is a parrot on a perch on the back.
2)  Construct-O-Mech, is a robot you ride in.
3)  There are also flying bad cops hover cars, with the whole body of Lego character inside car.
                    There are also good cops ....  character head turns around. 

I have a giant Lego Head, & a Lego Identification Plaque.
Tristan's quest to be a LEGO Master Builder


Tristan Experimentation Toward Lift Off and Soaring the Sky - A Great Story
T Flying
      2330 - 2331 - 2332


             On September 7, 2015, the night before my birthday, My Toy (Grandma Debby) & I were laying on my bed, watching the storm outside, while she told me a bed time story.  Our house happens to sit on the very top of the mountain in our neighborhood.  A storm was taking place outside, and we had opened the curtains to watch the lightening. 
            When lightening is really cracking, you can see it through the walls of the house.  As it was this evening.  Along the fence line in the back yard, there are two electric transformer's, one in each corner of the adjoining neighbors yard.
            As myself (Boy), and Grandma Debby (Toy), lay in bed talking, we see behind us lightening go zip, zip, zip, between the transformers, the swish zoom, swish zoom, swish zoom following the exterior walls of the house.  Then WOOM, WOOM, WOOM, the lightening bolt increased, and Boy & Toy, were picked up off the bed about 8 inches.  Our bodies vibrated, and twitched wildly in the orb or the lightening bolt.  Then the most loud Crack you ever heard sounded.  The whole neighborhood came out to see what happened.  My Mother came upstairs from the basement to see if we were okay.  My Dad went to the new education center behind our house to see if it had caught fire.
            Boy and Toy, lay in bed, afraid to tell the parents, actually what took place.
            Grandma Debby a couple of days later was telling a man, who is also a member of her Gem & Mineral Rock Club, of our experience.  Just so happens, he knew what she told him was true, for he also had been picked up by a lightening bolt one time when he was fishing in a storm.

Zip Line - How many of you have imagined holding onto a cable, and flying through the air?  Boy & Toy, spent many hours talking on the phone, as to how we could build one, using the telephone poles, starting at the top of the hill, across the street from where I live, and going to the bottom of the hill.  Of course, you have to walk back up.  I wrote, "I have my eye on you", on Grandma Debby's shirt, for she often says those words to me.  She even made me a great 'eye on you' from a real petrified dinosaur eye, some 60 million years old.  She put eyelashes on it, and placed in a back bone vertebrae as a stand.


I love Boy Scouts.  My Dad Cody, is the Scout Master


My career in Sports. 
not  My Mother is the coach.  Only saying.    
    Our Team is named LEGO BOYS.  In the second grade, we spend a lot of time
, learning to hit the ball.     
My team picture in 2015    We do a Lego Shout "Go Lego Boys"  - 1 - 2.

My Life as a Student

    In April 2016, I was honored to exhibit my painting at the Lawrence Center for the Arts.  -  They spelled my name wrong.

Grand Parents Day

    Class Room Play we performed for our Grand Parents.  I am lucky, I usually have two grand parents come for my class party.  This year, our teacher asked us to tell what we remember most about our favorite visit with them.

Grammie Traci - once took me to the ride a Ferris Wheel.  So high in the air, you could see for miles.  For my birthday, she gave me a Lego Ferris Wheel.  Riding the Ferris Wheel with her will always be up top!


I love to PARTY!

    Birthday Parties
        Lazer Tag  - 1  -  2
        Birthday Cake   - 1  -  2

        Boy & Toy Pumpkin  -  1  -  2
        Iron Man  -  1
        Ninja  -  1
        Grandma Debby - Phoenix

    Playing Music

    Grandma Debby's Boat


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